Thursday, January 19, 2012

Call Us Crazy...

  SO I think naturally that as you get to be about a year out from your DEROS (Date Eligible to Return from Over Seas), you tend to want to know what is next!  You want to be able to begin to somewhat mentally prepare yourself for what is next.  You want to know where you are going?  When to start planning to move, arrive, say goodbye?  Things to be excited for or look forward to at your next assignment.  Ect, ect, ect.
  However, when we were about a year out from our DEROS (although I wanted to know what was next... ) I really felt like God was calling us to stay in Okinawa.  So we tried just about everything to stay here through the military, but time after time that door was shut.  At the time it seemed like a bad thing, but now I can see that it just made us question God more and to look at what was it that He desired for our future.
  So back in November John and I began to discuss and pray about what God's will was for our future and we kept coming back to that we are to stay on Okinawa.  So then we began to ask, what if that means we are supposed to stay, even if it is not through the military?  (Ummm...that question right there is a scary question.)  People complain about the military, but truth be told we LOVE it.  We always saw ourselves traveling the world, putting in at least 20+ years, retiring with benefits, and then going into ministry full time.  We told ourself "putting in 20+ years will help us not to be a burden on a ministry by having a retirement check and insurance", but now we see that for US this was us living in disobedience to what he was calling us to do NOW.  We are not saying that by staying in the military that you are living in disobedience.  We know the need for men and women to continue to serve and be Godly leaders within the military community, but we are being called to do something different.   So here we are putting it out there in the open, John dropped his paperwork Tuesday (January 17th).  We are not re-enlisting, but instead taking a step of faith.  We will officially be out in May.  As for our future, well...let's just say there are options and we are praying about His direction.

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