Saturday, February 25, 2012

Another Piece to the Puzzle

We have been so blessed by everyone's encouragement through this whole process :)  But more than anything it has been a testament of God's faithfulness and provision. When John and I made the decision to get out of the military we were constantly reassured that God would provide for us, but we are still nowhere close to perfect and we tried to keep some control of our future.  We were already looking for jobs before we had released to everyone what our plans were.  We had found one job that hit almost everything that we knew that God was calling us to do, however there was one part of this job that was not giving us peace.  So we waited and continued to stay in prayer as we sought God's will for our lives.
  For those of you who don't know John and I currently work part time at our church here on island as the Student Ministry Coordinators (technically I am on payroll, but really we do this job together).  It has been a wonderful ministry to be a part of and we have been blessed to work under such wonderful pastors.  This job has brought us growth and an even better understanding of our Savior.
  Anxiously we realized it was time to tell my bosses that we were getting out and that we were considering working with another on-island ministry.  They were very supportive and helpful.  However they asked us why we hadn't considered becoming full time at Koza.  We were taken aback.  The possibility of a full time youth person is something that has come up in the past and hadn't worked out, so we didn't think it possible in the near future.  But God knew.  He was one step ahead.  Our church had already planned on taking an existing position and making it into two positions.  After going through all the proper channels and making sure that the church was on the same page, most of the details have completely fallen into place.  The church will still have to vote on this sometime in March, but God willing John will become full time and he will be able to continue to serve the families/teenagers that we so dearly love.  Once we submitted to Him it was then that he showed us His plans for us.  And since then the pieces to this puzzle continue to fall in to place :)  May God receive all the glory!!